We are a young Polish company, but with the huge experience of our entire Team. We exist since 2017, but in our portfolio we already have significant customers and own products, which we develop and successfully implement on the market.

Our mission is to provide IT tools and solutions as well as business knowledge for clients in the Retail and Pharma industries.

Following the changes in the market, we know that a digital revolution is coming. Everything changes, traditional forms of sales go to waste and the industry is looking for unconventional and modern solutions. This is an ideal moment for software producers to build innovative trade from the standpoint.

INEOGroup sees, feels and know how to do it. New projects and new clients build our potential. The company is growing and needs specialist ready for exciting challenges - creative, courageus people full of passion for creating unconventional, revolutionary, yet functional and nice solutions.

At INEO, we focus on Values that are shaped from ordinary human decency. We want them to be understandable and easy to accept by the most diverse team.


We know that what we do is needed and we do it the best we can. We are looking for answers, we learn and study. We help and support each other in difficult moments. We admit our mistakes and we do everything to repair them. We are active and innovative, always aiming high.


We don't pass the buck and we take full responsibility for the topics entrusted to us. We care for Clients, projects, Company and colleagues. We are fair to ourselves and others. We bring topics to the end, because we know that the success of others depends on our work.


We achieve the goals of Clients, Company and our own with the right use of resources, not wasting time and money. We make sure that our products are efficient, innovative and needed. We strive to provide constant Beta solutions, thanks to which our Clients are co-authors of out products.

If you're interested in projects that creatively combine the latest IT trends with the gigantic technological acceleration in Retail; you want to be an active participant in the omnichannell revolution; you want to create solutions that set standards in the Retail area and you like to see your products in action... then INEO is the right place for you!

By joining our Team you will work in modern technologies using proven Agile methods. With us you will build the world of Retail 2.0 for the leading retail chains. You will create solutions for sales points, for shopping centers, for consumers. You will build integration solutions with large ERP systems, you will program peripherals, IoT, create mobile and Internet applications. All this will be done in the latest technologies, with the full support of Microsoft specialists.

TEAM - it is with them, for them and thanks to them to why I'm feeling so good to work in this place. I'm among people who, despite focusing on their work, remember that we are a Team. Among people who are involved, responsible, helpful, full of enthusiasm and joy. An from the private side - among people who are able to genuinly ask how you feel, how's your health and if you rested well on a vacation. 

INEO is a work where you go without coercion and with a smile on your face. But is it really? Yeah, well. We don't come to work here - we come to the Team :) 

Agnieszka, Customer Care Specialist

You probably wonder what you will do after joining our Team. Read about our main projects - we will be happy to develop them with you.

iXpos is a unique system for retail companies. Program combines in one coherent solution an extensive and comprehensive system of central sales, promotion and price lists management, with a build-in comprehensive loyalty system combined with an ultrafast and intuitive cash register software. This system has been selected by leading retail brands in the sports, drugstore and interior design industry.

iXkom is the first stage of the iXtrade multi-module trading platform. It is a centrally managed reporting and cotrol system that allows easy and reliable management of a network of sales points working on various sales systems. Program is based on the latest cloud technologies (MS Azure) and provides complete information on transactions to the data warehouse and our BI solutions.

We work with the use of the best technologies and methods, such us:













Our offer does not end here. We will provide you with plenty of good time, family atmosphere and a lot of great benefits.


We understand that everyone has their hours when they work best. Therefore, if you are a early bird and come to work at 6 am - then that's great! And if you like to sleep long and come at 11 am? That's no problem.


Regular energy replenishment is a very important element of the day. But is worktime always doomed to cold sandwiches and almost microwaved food from a box? We say NO - if you feel like it, you can cook a full-blown and warm dinner!


A lot of people from our Team commute to work with bicycles. That's why we have made sure that the building has a bike parking both outside and inside the covered parking lot - it is useful when rain falls suddenly! In the office we have a shower and lockers for personal stuff.


The building in which our office is located has facilities for people with reduced physical fitness. There are suitable parking spaces, non-treshold passages and wide doors to all rooms.


We care about the health of you and your loved ones. We give you the opportunity to receive a LuxMed card that will provide you and your family with medical care. 


We love sports and we support everyone who wants to do it without limits. That's why we give you the opportunity to receive a Multisport card, thanks to which you will gain access to hundreds of places where you will realize your sport passion.


Coffee, almost every human's fuel. With us you have it in abundance, both from the pressure and overflow coffee machine. We also have a machine with breakfast cereals, so you don't have to worry about an unexpected hunger! 


We want you to be rested and full of energy, that's why we provide full paid vacation and chillout room so that you can detach from the computer and relax. We have a family atmosphere, so we come to work dressed comfortably.

Our recruitment process is simple and fast. We focus on good communication and efficient information flow.



Send your CV and tell us know what you want to do.



Project Manager would like to know you and check your skills.



We will call you to get to know you. Next, we will invite you for a meeting.



We sign a contract and our common journey begins!

it's us


In June, we celebrated the anniversary of cooperation under the INEO flag. There was both an official part (the Board had to talk a bit) in the office, as well as a relaxed part on the Warsaw beach on the Vistula.


We are proud of our girls who created a great mural decorating one of the walls in our beautiful office. The concept of the graphic focused on the symbolism associated with Warsaw, where our company is located. The mural is so prepared that it can be colored! See how it was made. 

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